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I have been incarnate this time around for 50 years, birthdate, June 12, 1972, which makes me a 1 in NUMER6Logy. I have two grown sons, Nicholas Alexander, 31, and Matthew Lee, 19. I also have a Wonderful daughter in law, Sarah, 30, and granddaughter, Dani, who will be 3 on August 8th!! I'm very much so a LOVER of Mother Gaia, and am currently asking Source how I can BEST BE of Service to them, and to the rest of the HUEman race. I was held back for years, caught up in multiple addictions, and "mental illnesses," aka, mind control. But I am now FINALLY READY to be of Service to Others, after having lived a lifetime of selfishness (sadly). So if any who read this HAppen to know of any way I can be of Service, please don't hesitate to contact me, either through email at, or feel FREE to call/or text me at (865) 606-1576. Thank you all for EVERYTHING you do to HELP ENLIGHTEN the masses during this BEautiFULLL time of Ascension!!! Sending ALL so VERY MUCH L0v3, P6sitiVe/HeAling ENERgies, unD the LIGHT 0f PROtectION and TRANSformatI9N, INfinitely♥️🙏🏼😘💚🌏💜!!!

Buffy Bell

Buffy Bell

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