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We reached more than 100% of our goal! 

A ten-thousand-fold thank you to all of our "awakened" Indiegogo backers. Your enthusiasm and support has meant the world to us. We are honored to include your names here as a small token of our gratitude. Of course, an equal thank you to all those who contributed anonymously. 

Geri Abrams
Antoinette Anwar
Arvi Balseiro
Nina R. Bell
Jackie Bludworth
Mark TJ Burin
Caroline Burns
Mary M. Calder
Shannon Carbonell
Tim and Mary P. Carter
Lori Chamberlain
Therese Coucher
Marva Coverley
Jon Cross
Denise Catherine McGuire DAngelo
Nick D'Annunzio
Richard Despres
Charles Dougherty

Julie Doyle
Enid Elliot
Jonell Elliott
Robert Engelman
Jennifer Ewers
Peter Fordham
Kelly Frances
Emily Glatter

Erin Gorney
Jenny Halper
Kate Hamm

Kat Hanner
Lisa Ho
Anna Holbrook
Sherilyn Hunter
Kristen Jaccodine
Julie Jensen
Rebecca Jezzard
Jeffrey Kamlet
Sandy Kieft
Kristina Kincaid
Vicki King

Lisa Kolonay

Lisa Leeper
Sue Letchford
JR Livingston
Linda S. May

Tim McGuire
Terry McGuire
Amy Mear
Dawn Miller
Nicole Miller
Mary Moore
Connie Nelin
Jeremy O'Brien
Emalee Oliver
Lori Olsowski
Christina Osterhouse
Marie-Charline Pacquot
Susan R Patterson
Dania Ramirez

Ashley Ratajski
Neil Ratna

Guy Ripley
Marcy Roberts
Stacy Robins
Joel Rodriguez
Miranda Rondeau
Gemma Rose
Robert Rubenstein
B. Saltwick

Lynn Schwarz

Gianna Sparacino
Michelle Steffes
Matt Stevens
Tricia Swanson
Nikolyn Thull
George Trapp

Mianne Tripp
Jackiee Trujillo
Natasha Tsakos
John Verea

Kathy Wagoner
Norman Wedderburn
Kathie Woods
Abby & Jeff Zanarini

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