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In the film Awaken, music plays as important of a role as the screenplay and actors do. Music has the power to help us find a way to our higher selves. Music is as much a character in the story as Jessica, William and Elias are. Raw earthy drumbeats encourage the characters to keep fighting, while uplifting, deeply transformative songs and chanting encourage the characters (and audience) to awaken.

And thus, we have assembled a world-class team of uniquely talented and gifted musicians to bring this vision into reality.


RAM DASS - Music Producer

Ram Dass is a music producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based near Berkeley, California. He was raised in a musical family, both parents professional musicians, and was instilled with a profoundly diverse musical background, ranging from Beethoven to The Beatles and Aaron Copland to Ali Akbar Khan.

He has performed at Carnegie Hall, the GRAMMY Awards, and at concert halls in over thirty countries around the world. Credits include GRAMMY Nominee Snatam Kaur, Guster, Tina Malia, Jai-Jagdeesh, and Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary).


BOGDAN DJUKIC - Violin & Percussion


A winner of three national violin championships in his native Serbia, Bogdan came to Canada in 1999 and has since had extensive performance experience in klezmer, classical, Mariachi, Latin, West African, and Serbian folk music.

Bogdan was a member of the touring violin stage show Bowfire, the jazz/Balkan fusion group Blok, the Mirobolus String Trio, and the Canadian band Beyond the Pale. In Mexico, he has performed with the trios Mardeleva and Bolé.

He is a virtuoso of the heart, with each note transporting the listener deeper into the soul.


ADRIENNE EDSON - Sanskrit Chanting


"The last pure-hearted hippie..." Living her passions of music and Bhakti yoga, Adrienne spins the human soul’s nature of love-consciousness through mantra chanting. Born outside of Detroit, MI, her journey brought her to New Orleans, LA, where she found great purpose in spreading love-energy through song’s expression on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

It is there that she uncovered a harmonious gift in the roles of storyteller, poet, and musician, and has lived ever since as a Bhakti yoga teacher at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans.


Adrienne embraces the experience of being human, and joys in the upward-spiraling quality of life that awakening to loving awareness offers.


GAIEA SANSKRIT - Sanskrit Chanting

Devam bhūtvā devam yajet

"This is what happens when I sing, there is no difference between me, what is being sung, and the singing itself, it all becomes one and the same. This is why there is only one thing I have to do in this life, and that is sing in Sanskrit. The rest is not in my power or control or domain. The rest is in God's Divine's Mother's hands. The songs will carry you away, transport you, and give you this connection to some blissful feeling within.”

Gaiea attended St James School in London where she learned Sanskrit from the age of 4 and went on to read Sanskrit at University of Oxford. She has taught Sanskrit for Yoga London, The Ayurveda Institute, Jivamukti Yoga and East London School power of the sounds of Sanskrit. She has combined a love of Sanskrit with exploration of the voice, knowing that through connecting with your voice and expression there is a key to connect more deeply with yourself.


She is currently working on new recordings, making new films, and delving into the power of sound and musicto transform society.


ABIGAIL WAINWRIGHT - Light Language Chanting


My name is Abigail I am a consciousness mentor, activator, spiritual channel, light language artist, divine alchemist, and healer. I assist with spiritual evolution, the Ascension journey, and to connect to DNA light code activations that are ready to be accessed.

As an awakened divine feminine I am also a twin flame Star Seed and assist with this transformational journey and what that truly means for the soul mission on Earth as we awaken. I am also the mother of a beautiful girl who is a crystal Rainbow star child and diagnosed with level three autism spectrum disorder.

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